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The purpose of this website is to help people solve their personal problems.

My name is Sunil Mehta.  I will answer your questions on the basis of answers received from the heavens.  I will roll dices, do the necessary calculations and work out the answer.  I do NOT need your horoscope to answer your questions.  Note, however, that for comprehensive consultation, your birth details may be required.

I do not charge any fixed amount as my fee.  Please make donation as per your capacity.

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Hi Sunil.

Im doing great. I just landed an online marketing career with a Downtown L.A. Real Estate office. My first day on the job was today. I recall you mentioned my fortune would come from Real Estate and to be patient about a job offer. So far so good. I guess im on my way right? The other stuff about cooking and metals is still in thewaiting. Thank you once again...

James Rodriguez
Los Angeles, California,USA